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Holistic Experiences

Ceremonies, Rituals, Reiki, Subtle Body Healing
Counting Stars Reiki


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a beautiful practice of healing, and it works by clearing and creating positive energy within the body. This can be done either hands on or hands off treatment offering this energy through the channels of the body that may require attention. It can be considered a spiritual treatment, however you do not need to be spiritual to experience the benefits of Reiki. Reiki can help alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

What to expect?

Reiki is an extremely relaxing experience, with many students falling asleep during the treatment. It is meant to be comfortable and healing, and can release tension, or symptoms of stress and fatigue. It is a deeply restful experience and can relieve the mind from overthinking allowing you to rest, relax and receive this beautiful experience.

Reiki was developed in Japan and treats the whole person offering many benefits such as relaxation, feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. It is based on traditions of Asian medicine, acupuncture, chi gong, and tai chi.



In Kundalini  Yoga we believe that we have 10 bodies and one of the bodies is the subtle body, the subtle body is the 9th body and it represents our energetic and intuitive experience in life. When offering a healing we work with Reiki and an understanding of the Subtle body to offer a whole body healing and experience.

Subtle Body Healing
Counting Stars Marma Point Healing


We also use Marma Point healing in our treatments. Marma Point healing is a traditional Ayurvedic massage technique that is believed to help sustain the flow of energy throughout the body, by massaging specific points within the body. It can both relaxing and invigorating. It can help loosen any tightness in the muscles and tissues, but it can help promote the proper flow of energy around the body.

If you would like to book in for a healing using the above treatments, please contact Lisa or look for available bookings each week listed in the timetable.


Wellness Days, Birthday Parties and Hens Days

Looking for a way to celebrate your staff, or provide a retreat to bring the team together? We offer corporate wellness days, birthday parties and hens days at the studio, a day of yoga and meditations, retreat and rituals to help the team to connect, or to provide a safe and sacred space to rest and recharge. A beautiful way to celebrate a birthday of any age or a celebration of impending marriage. We can offer full day or half day retreats, all catering can be provided. Contact us for your requirements.

Counting Stars Yoga Retreat


Join us in August 2024 for a weekend to rest and retreat. Based at the Wellness Centre, Eudlo, Sunshine Coast for nourishing yoga, meditation and self care. 

Set within the beautiful Sunshine Coast Mountains you will feel like you are taking a break from the demands of modern life, with time to focus on YOU while we rest and retreat in beautiful grounds of cultural significance. 

Arriving from 4pm Friday we will join together for daily practices including a full Kundalini Aquarian Sadhana, restorative and Nidra practices. As well as workshops on how to use a pendulum and Ayurveda. Concluding after lunch 1:30pm on Sunday. 

All meals are wholesome vegetarian also available in gluten free and dairy free options. The café offers their beautiful chai tea, coffee and delicious home made cakes. 

All accommodation is rustic with shared bathrooms set amongst the rainforest. Price includes all meals, accommodation and yoga practices and workshops. (*Café and gift shop purchases are not included) 


Closing the Bones Ceremony

This Ceremony is a way to heal and honour a mother, and to support her during this time of huge change to her physical body and mental and emotional state. The Closing of the Bones Ceremony acknowledges this huge shift in a women’s life and helps honour her experience through pregnancy and childbirth. This practice can be transformational and can help a mother to process their feelings in a safe and supported space and find more peace and calm after the birthing process. This practice can be completed a week after birth or many years afterwards.

If you would like to honour this time of becoming a mother, please contact Lisa to discuss in more detail.

Counting Stars Closing Bones Ceremony
Menarche Ritual at Counting Stars

Honouring the First Moon – Menarche Ritual

Becoming a women can be a confusing and complicated time for young girls. Young girls seem to be getting younger and younger in our society starting their first moon. Honouring this time with a special ritual as an initiation in womanhood with your friends and the wise women in your life can help to make this time more of a celebration, rather than a daunting and scary time.

In many traditional cultures women were celebrated with ceremonies of huge significance to welcome this time of becoming a woman. Few of us were treated with celebration and honouring to welcome us to our next phase – Woman. At best it was ignored, at worst it was a source of shame and embarrassment. (* Adapted from Jane Hardwicke Collings – Initiation into Womanhood)

If you would like to honour this time of significance for your daughter as a celebration, of a rite of passage, sharing a circle with women and making wishes and blessings for the new woman’s future life, please contact Lisa to discuss in more detail.